ClockPrints: Blog en-us (C) ClockPrints (ClockPrints) Mon, 26 Feb 2018 18:18:00 GMT Mon, 26 Feb 2018 18:18:00 GMT ClockPrints: Blog 90 120 ClockPrints original website is back online. Our entire collection of clock faces is available again.

Steeple and grandfather clock faces are included.

75 reproductions of manufacture's dials are available.

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DO NOT USE • Zoom - Crop function offered in the ordering process. Please do not attempt to crop or zoom during the order process. The function does not crop it only zooms. There is no numeric method of making a change so size will be totally unpredictable.

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Price by paper size, timing and shipping options 5" x 5" • $16.00
8" x 8" • $24
10" x 10" • $26.50
12" x 12" • $​30
12" x 18" • $35
20" x 20" • $45

Shipping options

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Finding Paper Sizes The orange arrow here shows the location of paper sizes for each time ring.
Styles with art past the time ring will show their own list in this location.


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Custom Orders Custom orders are not currently available due to employment and health issues. I am hoping this will change within the next 6 months.

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INSTALLATION TIPS: Minimal Adhesive Method

Install the movement through the unattached clock face. This allows you to rotate the print to where it needs to be and holds the print firmly while gluing. I then lift each corner to apply the adhesive.
• Memory Book Glue Dots - Archival product
• Dab of hot melt glue
• Double stick tape - NOT recommended due to undependable results
The movement is going to hold the print in place. Gluing in the corners will keep the print flat and still allow some difference in movement between the wood and print. If wood is used as the backer board I would recommend using a clear water based sealant on both sides of the wood to reduce movement with weather.

Liquid Glue - DO NOT USE

Do not use Elmer's or wood glue!

Spray Adhesive / Contact Cement

Please use the Memory Dots but if you insist here are suggestions on sprays • Elmer’s Craft Bond is acid free and does not set up as instantly as some spray adhesives. 3M’s 45 is also archival, .• Take care as any contact cement or spray adhesive will remove the ink if the adhesive is accidentally applied to the front of the print.

Attaching Directly to an Old Clock Face

If the new clock face is light colored you may want to cover the old face first with an additional piece of white paper, white paint or Kilz primer. Keep in mind that keeping the original face intact on an antique clock may help retain it's resale value.

Archival Products

• Prints are archival.
• They do not require any additional sealant to protect them when installed in a clock behind glass.

Faces Protected by Glass.

• Any glass will add protection from air born pollutants.
• If you are building a new clock consider purchasing UV filtering glass as it will add more protection against fading. Museum quality non glare glass is also available. Hobby shops with a framing department will have these types of glass.

Trimming / Punching

• Trimming - clock faces can be cut easily with an exacto knife.
• Movement hole - ClockPrints adds a center dot to each face.
• Winding holes - Cutting these before mounting makes it very difficult to align if using spray glue. I prefer to cut them after mounting using a sharp exacto. The edge or the mounting board hole can be used to guide the knife.

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Cutting Winding Holes WINDING HOLES:

When mounting a clock face that requires winding holes do not mark or precut them. Mount the face to the dial, then turn it over and cut the holes using the dial as a guide. Use a sharp exacto knife to cut the face. It is a good idea to add grommets to the winding holes as they protect the paper and cover imperfect cutting.


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What is a time ring? What is the Art/Design? What is the paper size? Time Ring Explanation

All clock faces have the time ring size listed as part of the file name.
This is necessary to determine if the time ring will fit the clock and hands.

Explanation of the Art/Design size.

The Art or Design sizes are listed on the home page for each gallery.
If no art size is listed it is the same as the time ring.
This is necessary to determine if the art will remain visible once the door or bevel is closed.

Paper size explanation The paper size should fill the backer board or at least be large enough
so that the edges will not be visible at an angle once
the door or bevel is closed.


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NAVIGATING THE ORDERING PAGES Due to the large number of customers having difficulty navigating these screens I am posting these screen shots.
The shopping design was set up for a photography web site with multiple images where inner dimensions have no importance.
Zenfiolio's shopping design comes with the most custom options available for organizing the galleries for styles and sizes.

Select the style or size you want, then hover over the buy button.

Select the style or size you want, then hover over the buy button.

Hover over the Buy button then click Select Product. Hover over the Buy button then click Select Product.

Choose photo paper or fine art paper by clicking the large icon. Choose photo paper or fine art paper by clicking the large icon.

Click the word select. Click the word select.

Click Add to Cart Click Add to Cart

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